Non-mediated, un-represented, and unalienated interactive experience with an environment, event, moment, person, or self A by conscious person B. Directly sensed, perceived, and conceived.

Untrammeled ability to step between being and becoming. Unmediated predication - except by approval - between "subjective" and "objective" being. Example: the "authentic" human experience is both socially self-managed and selfishly social.; it is not fragmented for the sake of hierarchical power, either socially or personally. There is no equational split (as in zero-sum) between me and "the other" because we are a dynamic moment and potential for each other's enrichment. Only when social and personal dualities are allowed to exist does my life potent an inauthenticity. The re-presentative, the "need", the characterological all pose me through me as instantiation. The original becomes the facsimile, and vice-versa, with an inauthentic power of me acting for and as me.