It cannot be denied, that

There are no technological

Reasons why all texts, all

Films, all music ever

Recorded and preserved

Till this present time

Cannot be available

To all

Equally, it cannot be denied

That there is enough food

Produced on this earth

To feed all

Furthermore, it cannot be
Denied that robotics has
Developed to the point
That bitter toil, is

Given these obvious truths
The question then becomes,
How to get from the here
This state we find ourselves

To a state where all are fed
All work from now on,
And all work done till now
Are to the benefit of all

Despite all obstacles placed
In the path of such,
It cannot be denied
That unconscious, even
Of the fact that there are
No technological reasons
That anyone connected to
This communications network
Known as the internet
Cannot access the sum
Of all information preserved
Till this time.
People act in accordance
With a disregard for, the
Notion that products of
The mind, and spirit
Are something that can
Be owned

As according to the economic fact
That the cost of replicating data,
Is now infinitesimal

This property of data,
Its inalienable nature,
Of belonging to all
Has become an undeniable

This severance bespeaks
A further coming separation,
Between the abstract
Concept of "property"
And of material necessities,
Such as homes and possessions

Simply put, the concept that
An idea can be possessed,
Slowly but surely becomes
Exorcised from experience

Over one hundred years ago
Mathew Arnold wrote;

"It is of itself a serious calamity for a nation that its tone of feeling and grandeur of spirit should be lowered or dulled. But the calamity appears far more serious still when we consider that the middle classes, remaining as they are now, with their narrow, harsh, unintelligent, and unattractive spirit and culture, will almost certainly fail to mould or assimilate the masses below them, whose sympathies are at the present moment actually wider and more liberal than theirs. They arrive, these masses, eager to enter into possession of the world, to gain a more vivid sense of their own life and activity. In this their irrepressible development, their natural educators and initiators are those immediately above them, the middle classes. If these classes cannot win their sympathy or give them their direction, society is in danger of falling into anarchy."

Well we're all living in anarchy now, but
Anarchy without order.

Yet not so... For as the logic of this
Obsolete state presses down upon
The majority of the people of
The world, uniting us into one class
A consciousness arises, not contained
In any one person, but as a sum of our
Actions, the legislative obstacles placed
Against the natural sharing of information
Places a value on that which is liberated
Through self-declaration, such as applies
To this work, that it is in the public domain
Or through summaries desperately created
To liberate that which people find value in
Or shared in the whole in shadows and corners

These obstacles, although creating an economic drag
At the same time curate the work that has gone on
Till now, and this summary valued by the labour
That goes into the liberation

A value not defined by
The quantity of money
But instead as quality

No more heroes to follow,
The definition of a hero is someone
Who gets other people killed
And no one person can
Even pretend, or become
Against their will, the interpreter, of
This anarchy,

No more manifestos, the total
Of all this liberated knowledge is
Our manifesto

The accessibility to all of this knowledge
Our current goal

This was true before these words
Were ever written and will remain true
Even though they have been articulated

None of us alone can solve
The logistical issues denying
Some food, when there is enough
For all

Or automate production to
Render toil obsolete

But the whole is greater than the
Sum, and although none of us
Individually can create a program
That will free us, together all
as one

An arguing whole, disagreeing
At every point

We will find what we seek

And when it happens no one
Will be able to point and say
Here's how it happened
Here are the great men
Who made it so

It will just be
And then we will
Improve upon
What would seem
To us to be

This is the law

^Copypastad from here