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    May 15, 2013 by EcalZ

    I must tell the world what is the predominant life in Miami, by what i have observed so far, its the need to feel part of something bigger than me. a beggar for attention, a sun in the univers of infinite suns, unless found it finite, or ciclical. whichever we find by expanding our knowleadge over it

    yes, the trees, the sun, the freedom to move from place "A" to place "B" without being killed by some random messanger. well, like anyother place if youre wise, otherwise it'll be the same, the trees of life, the music of your choice, if you make it, or the music of life if you appreciate it, the beauty of one as the one in all, as the all of ones in a system that gives you choices and you make the best of them by dicipline, ha, that word, that…

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    nonsense in situations

    June 29, 2012 by EcalZ

    if we try so hard to make the world understand our point of view,
    isnt it better to do it?
    or to just wait until the fire of our eyes fades with deception a lies?
    or its better to do nothing because we are all passanger in this world?
    and our children, if we have ours but this it not about us, did you forget about it already?
    our future, i mean, the children of those who did what we didnt...
    in the contrasts of things...
    the ones who destryed what other did and those that fought what others destroy...
    is that the message?
    to let others do what we can but are too messed up to understand it?
    lets the flow of our feeling of incompetence realize that im god!
    and then we all gonna lose interest in that person...
    because he or she said one word that mea…

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    my family said," hey, you are always criticizing us, and everyone, please, be gentle" and i say, thats who its never personal, all the attacks on people nor institution nor political views, its just that the reactionary part of me is just in the teens and its rebelling against the world, not that im am rebelling against the world, but my attitude is kind of testing what i already know and what i already have seen, so its just the last of my temperamental behaviors before doing the stuff i should have done since the beginning of this message, which is to go and do something about what this worlds needs, and it does not need you working in a office all day for your own benefits, nor your family support, it needs you out there being t…

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    a rant

    June 22, 2012 by EcalZ

    yesterdays reading...the Zapata and the terrorist- whose side are you, the war on drugs, the killing and poisoning of the poor, or the rich one, like me, who sleeps all day and complains about why there is no coca-cola in the fridge? or is because there are only, maybe, 4 woman as CEO in the WORLD? is this a mans world??? or is because the Word Trade Center building 7 just collapsed because there was an earthquake magnitude 7.9 where other were instant by it? or its because the Politics and secret service killed the American people and then they blame it on other terrorist, same as them, so there's no questioning about it? well, this an other questions will be answered when they die, the ones who control us, otherwise, then we are all scre…

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    a year in Melbourne and in Occupy MElbourne- the cogsimental report.

    how many people can travel to Australia?

    was that an opportunity or a burden?

    a burden?


    people cant handle the truth.


    when i first came to Australia i wasn't feeling right, i was from losing a semester in the University and living in a small room with my dog, although i created some music and some videos, and i learned a lot about computer science, i wasn't projecting myself in the future, there was any, so i thought, there was only an alienated images of suicide and pain, kind of a very old story to keep telling everyone, but thats how i came to Austr…

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